Wines from the territory with a contemporary vinification and respectful of the original variety.
Straightforward and clean and with a deep spirit.


Portraying wines that are testimonies of a past world. Spontaneous fermentation in ancient materials such as terracotta, oak, concrete


Kuma & Kymaira

They call them one hit wonder since they are wines of a moment. Today they are here, tomorrow who knows. Fruit of a lightbulb moment during harvest or from a taste of an old barrel during a testing day. When the bottles are gone…it’s not sure they’ll be back.

The will to use different materials depends on the desire of experimenting and researching and on the beauty of discovering the style of a wine regardless what you had in mind for it.


The materials we use when working wine are: stainless steel, oak, concrete and terracotta amphorae. Some wines are born and live in one material. Others instead are born in one and then go in another.

Terracotta amphorae have come back form the past. Amphorae’s wine making is the second most ancient technique after the one with animal skins. We use them in vinification and aging. thanks to their permeability they allow an excellent micro-oxygenetion without the characteristic particularities that usually oak transfers to wine.

Wines | Ciavolich - Cantina dal 1853

Concrete, the king of 1960s Abruzzo’s traditional material. It’s completely neutral and with a high thermal sealing. It’s perfect for bodied wines that can bear high fermentation temperatures.


Stainless steel. It’s a modern and neutral material that allows the wine to change and mature free of any interfering. It’s chemically inert and it has a great thermal conductivity. It’s thermo unconditioned.


Oak in it’s different sizes: 225L, 500L and 1500L. We use oak not as an aroma conditioner but as a natural and permeable container that allows a slow micro-oxygenetion and stabilisation of the wine.