From the vineyard of Cococciola, before the harvest, we select a small quantity of grapes to create the “pied de cuve” needed for the start of the spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. After a week the rest of the grapes are harvested to be crushed and destemmed, pressed and poured into terra-cotta amphorae where we add the “pied de cuve” in the way to make the alcoholic fermentation be guided by the grapes’ indigenous yeast. Just before the ending of the fermentation the wine is bottled as to preserve a light sparkling. The wine continues its elevation in reclined bottles for about three months and after that the thick lees are taken out with the method of degorgement. In the end the bottled are sealed before sale.

Kuma Ancestral – Wine | Ciavolich - Cantina dal 1853
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Production Area: Loreto Aprutino
Grape Variety: Cococciola 100%
Soil: Loam-Clay
Training Method: Pergola Abruzzese
Year of Implantation: 1985
Harvest Period: Selection and harvest in September
First Harvest: 2018
Average Production: 2.600 bottles
Size: 750 ml

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Kuma Ancestral – Wine | Ciavolich - Cantina dal 1853